XLV Annual Chili and Apple Pie Feed

So what is this? Chili is not a dish to make in small portions. I make a substantial pot once a year. A lot of it will go downtown to feed people who lack a place to cook their own. Some will go to the firehall. We feed as many people at our home as are able to come, and we hope that you will be one of them. Any leftover is frozen down in family size portions and used over the course of the coming year.

Substantial Pot? The size has increased over years. At this point, it’s #20 South African cast iron Potkie (pronounced pot-gee) which is about 17 gallons. Don’t worry about running out.

Did I get this invitation in error? I’m not sure we even know you. It’s possible that you received it in error. Or maybe it was fate. In any event, stop in.

May we bring guests? Of course. Children, parents, other neighbors. Give me a heads up if you’re bringing a football team. Actually, it would be great to have a rugby team show up.

May we bring anything? Bring your own beverages. We’ll have a washtub of ice to put it in. Sometimes people forget to leave with their unopened alcoholic beverages.

What if I or my child don’t like chili, or are vegetarians? In addition to the regular chili which has beef, pork and beans, I will prepare a small pot without pork. I will also stock some cans of vegetarian chili. If I know to expect kids, I have a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup ready. And the apple pie is vegan.

I wish I could come and see you guys, but I can’t make it that night. No worries. I’ll do this for another five years or until my health gives out. And beginning in January 2019, I hope to host topical Soup Salons at least one Sunday night a month. Let me know if you would be interested and if there is a topic you would like to hear discussed.

Anything else? A few things. We are supposed to be downsizing at our age. You may have to leave with a book. We may do a drawing for a few odds and ends that need to go. There may be some fresh sauerkraut or pickles to take home. Finally, it was a bountiful summer during which I put up more jams, chutneys, compotes, switchels and vinegars than we could ever use. Please take at least one home. If you are so inclined, small donations for them will be forwarded to EGYHOP – downtown Olympia’s outreach to homeless youth.